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Ms Sirine Daou, Life Coach, guest of grade 6
Friday, May 7, 2021

By special invitation from Ms Marie Ninette Kanaan, grade 6 hosted Life Coach Sirine Daou. Her mission is to empower and equip children to become the best versions of themselves.
During the life coaching session, Grade 6 were asked the following questions:
- What is success?
- What is happiness?
- Why am I here?
- Who am I?
After the students brainstormed and then shared with the classroom, Coach Sirine walked the students through "the wheel of life". She talked about how unique each person is, and how one accepts failure as a first attempt at learning and success. 

She also reminded them that they are made in God's image. She said that faith is the opposite of fear and that we are children of the Creator. We must have the ability to grow into the successful person we are called to be. She also taught the students about the "9 intelligences" they must find out about themselves. As the students interacted with our guest, Coach Sirine mentioned how amazing, smart and mature they were.

It was lovely having you, Coach Sirine Daou!