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Our Kindergarten program is a hands–on program; with focus on discovery, awareness, language instruction, mathematical concepts and social skills.

Grade and Middle School

The students study three languages, English French and Arabic. The curriculum is eclectic, based on American, French and local Lebanese. Science is offered in English, with American - curricula. Currently, we are using ebooks in most of our elementary program. Science is supplemented by lab sessions. Mathematics is also offered in English; and it tends to be advanced American and/or Lebanese programs. French is in coordination with the French Cultural Center, and we prepare our students for the DELF in the intermediate classes. Arabic language follows what we believe to be the best offered locally, with special Arabic provision for non-Lebanese students. Our curriculum also includes Bible, drama, art, music, and more.

Secondary Classes

At the secondary level, CTI prepares students for the official Lebanese exams, the International Baccalaureate (IB), and college placement. The Lebanese program is accelerated, with emphasis on mathematics, the sciences and the three languages. The IB program follows the International Baccalaureate guidelines. There are also lots of co–curricular subjects, involving cultural studies, drama, lab, Bible, philosophy and more. Our students sit for the official governmental exams (Lebanese students only), the IB diploma (Lebanese and foreign students), the SAT exams, and the DELF French exams in coordination with the French Cultural Center. 


Most activities at the CTI are included in the mainstream curriculum. Thus students get to act in drama productions, or work in the lab, or get involved in sports tournaments, or use the computers, or peruse books in the library, or join competitions, or go on lesson-related outings, or give free reign to creative output. There are also clubs and teams that students can join.

Extra curricular activities are many, involving sports, scouts, artistic activities, special projects and more! We even organize yearly school trips for our students to Europe! In the beginning of the school year, parents will be informed of the offerings currently available for the year. Students have the choice of many activities after school hours.