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Dr Emmanuel El-Helou, vet from Lebanon in the UK, with us!
Thursday, April 22, 2021

Dr. Emmanuel El- Helou was guest speaker in grade 5 today.

Dr. Emmanuel obtained his veterinary degree from the Lebanese University and is currently pursuing his post-graduate education at Improve International, UK. The students were pleased to know that he too follows his classes online.We were supposed to host him earlier this week but he apologized as he had an emergency call from a farm. He had to help give birth to 20 goats and sheep. His excuse was valid of course, leaving us all in awe as he explained the process of how he helped the farmer.

Dr. Helou joined us as a tie-in to our reading lesson on animal adaptation, providing the students with beneficial advice on how to handle our pets with each climate change.  

A few tips from our vet:

- Before walking your pet, do the 5-second test. Place the palm of your hand on the ground. If you can handle the heat, then it is okay to walk your dog, and if you can’t wait till sunset.

- Make sure you provide your tortoises with lots of veggies, such as lettuce and cabbage, as they get their source of water from these.

- Keep your bunny cages clean, as bunnies have low immunity and can contract viruses very quickly.

- Shower your birds once a year in summer. For your canaries to sing, you need to provide them with a mate.

- In the hot season, always keep water within your pet’s reach.

- Last but not least, love your pets especially the furry ones.

Dr. Helou leaves us with the following quote, ‘ Only a person that loves a challenge would take on patients that can’t tell them where it hurts.’

Students enjoyed asking questions and receiving answers. It was a beneficial and interesting session.