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Mr Pierre Abou Tayeh visits grade 8 from London
Thursday, April 15, 2021

As part of a series of guests visiting our [virtual] classrooms, it was the turn of Mr Pierre Abou Tayeh to address the students of grade 8. Mr Abou Tayeh holds an important position at Amazon, London. Mrs Aila Khoury, the grade 8 teacher of maths, writes:

We would like to thank  Mr. Pierre Abou Tayeh, the Amazon pathways operations manager, for an enlightening and entertaining presentation dedicated to grade 8 students. Mr. Pierre, CTI alumnus that I taught a long time ago, joined us from the UK to summarize his journey from being a CTI student for 15 years to his present occupation. Mr. Abou Tayeh believes that education is the most powerful weapon a person can have to reach a better future. Moreover, he is living proof that determination is the key to success despite the challenges that face us.