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The Tale of Thomas and Joan
Saturday, June 4, 2016

"The Tale of Thomas and Joan" was a big challenge for CTI, since it meant transporting students and parents from our times, back to the Middle Ages. The challenge was met, and the result was spectacular beyond belief (but as we said earlier, we could not get horses for the joust!). The music was carefully chosen, based on reconstructions of ancient melodies and instruments. The sets were superbly designed and executed by Mr Rami Khalaf, with every stone in the fortress faceted and woodwork made to look as such. The dances were partly based on modern dance, and partly based on authentic old dances (anybody for a passamezzo?). As for the costumes, let us not get started: we had a whole factory executing our costumes and the audience gasped and cheered and filmed with each display of opulent costumes.

Courtiers, villagers, brigands, townsfolk, peasants, troubadours, knights, jesters, acrobats, duelists . . . what more can one ask for?

Special thanks to Mrs Krista Kashouh (musical and general direction), Mrs Jamie Chaaya (drama coaching), Miss Areni Taslakian (assistant drama coaching), Mr Rami Khalaf (sets), Boghossian Uniforms (costume execution), and the CTI teachers!