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Macbeth - the Musical!
Friday, April 22, 2016

Every year, Ms Wilma and grade 11 prepare top-notch musicals. This year was no exception. "Macbeth - the Musical" was an extravagant feast to the eye and the ear. The acting was superb. The music and dancing were spectacular. The sets were magnificent. The effects were astounding. The use of space - everywhere in the auditorium - was amazing. Dori Fares was Macbeth. Nour Sadek was Lady Macbeth. The students of grade 11 (all sections), as well as some students from other classes, provided an impressive supporting cast, complete with show-stopping witches. Ms Wilma, methinks that Shakespeare doth smile in contentment!

Incidentally, this musical was presented during the Shakespeare year,  practically on Shakespeare's birthday, April 23, 2016.