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Letter from the Principal

Dear reader,

The school year 2022-2023 is our sixty third year. The first impression that comes to mind is that of utmost gratitude to the Lord for bringing us thus far. We look back at the previous year and find an outstanding academic standard, educational objectives that were met, and a prevalent reputation for excellence. The official exam results were superlative, and we had students who ranked amongst the top ten per cent nationwide. CTI became an IB World School, and students are excited to be part of the DP program. All students passed their DELF exams, and SAT scores were impressive. The graduating students of grade 12 will soon be joining the universities of their choice.

CTI’s mission is academic, spiritual and cultural. We have the vision of graduating well-rounded ladies and gentlemen. This is through several pursuits at CTI. First is the academic dimension, and CTI students aim for excellence in that area. Next is the spiritual, and CTI encourages a closer relationship with God. Third is the cultural aspect, and we expect our students to experience world music, art, literature, travel and mores. Then is citizenship of the highest level, and CTI students respect and apply the statutes of Lebanon. Ultimately, a CTI student is international-minded, a citizen of the world.

Then again, there are considerable challenges that CTI will be facing for 2022-2023. A main concern is that of the drastic economic situation that the country is encountering. The school has to come up with measures to remunerate satisfactorily, and to alleviate some of teachers’ financial conditions. Unfortunately, this is a problem that schools are facing nationwide, and that CTI has to find the optimal and most expedient solution. Another concern is that of the lingering shadow of the Covid variants. CTI has to take the appropriate measures as those of last year, whilst allowing for freedom and flexibility. Still more concerns, albeit of a positive nature, are those related to excellence in educational practices. Scheduled for the coming school year are lots of educational innovations, not least in the IB DP program. There are two new classes that are opened next year, and there are new teachers at CTI. Considerable teacher training is therefore going on during the summer of 2022 as new programs are being instituted.

I started my letter with thanks to God. I will conclude with thanks to specific groups of people. I offer my thanks to the teachers who have taught faithfully and energetically as the months passed by. I give my thanks to the members of the administration who have worked hard at keeping the school functioning. I also offer my appreciation to the parents for their support and encouragement. Finally, I thank the students for their motivation, aspirations and enthusiasm

As always,

Deo soli gratia,

The principal






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