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Letter from the Principal

October 2021

Dear reader,

Students are back at school, after a whole year of online education. We are proud of the distance learning that we offered last year, and we heard superlative reviews from parents and students. Nevertheless, it is exciting to be physically back.

All bodes well, but this is a year that is different from all previous “regular” years. Students are socially distanced and come to school wearing masks. Recesses are staggered with fewer students present in the playgrounds. Extracurricular activities, an aspect that CTI is known for, have been curtailed. Textbook use is totally different this year, and homework assignments have been rethought, given the electricity/ internet problems. But throughout, students are excited to learn and are grateful to be back at school, and the teachers are very glad to see their students again in person. The general mood is that of high motivation and willingness to excel. The year of online education proved beneficial. As for our International Baccalaureate status, we have reached the authorization stage.

Thank God for His miracles. God worked in wonderful ways last year, and He is ready to perform greater miracles this school year. Given the pandemic, the constraining financial situation,  and the gasoline/diesel shortage, God is willing to cure, amend and protect. Teachers, students, administration and parents are cooperating to go forward, and reach new heights.

Best wishes for the 2021-2022 school year.

As always, Deo soli gratia,

The principal







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