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Letter from the Principal

January 2022

Dear reader,

It is approximately midway through the school year. It is a year that is distinctly different from all previous years, mainly because of the Covid situation. But despite masks and distancing, it clearly stands out that the students evidence extreme happiness. They are engrossed in studying, glad to be interacting with teachers, delighted at being in the school premises, and happy to be with friends.

It is of note that despite obstacles currently facing the nation, CTI’s pedagogical objectives are being met. Student learning is evidenced through excellent academic results. The curriculum is being accomplished as it should be. IT is more advanced than any previous year, and computer instructional use is on the rise. Class of 2022 students are in the process of applying to universities, including impressive/full scholarships for many. As for the International Baccalaureate Diploma Program, we are nearing complete authorization, and we will soon start registering for the IBDP for the 2022-2023 school year. The teachers of the IB have been fully trained and are awaiting commencement of the program. It is a new endeavor at CTI, and we are excited about the prospects.  


What more can we say other than offering a note of praise to the Lord. Every day, and in every way, His miracles abound, and are evident in all that we do.

   Surely thy sweet and wondrous love

   Shall measure all my days;

   And as it never shall remove,

   So neither shall my praise.

   (George Herbert)

Best wishes for the rest of the school year!

As always, Deo soli gratia,

The principal






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