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Letter from the Principal


April 2021

Dear parents, students and teachers,

It’s been slightly more than a year since CTI has been physically closed due the covid-19 pandemic. But education at CTI is thriving online. On the one hand we sorely miss one another and being with each other in actual, physical presence.  On the other hand, CTI online education is thriving. Students and teachers interact daily, in a regular school schedule. Many activities, drama presentations, choir concerts, guest speakers, and such are going strong.  Students have also developed a lot of new computer skills.  Now students as young as those in the lower grades know how to access platforms, communicate via Meet, present online, take online assessments and even interact with guest speakers from all over the world. The students have also developed the skills of taking charge of their learning, practicing online integrity, and exercising self discipline.                                                                                                                                                                                                             Sign of the times


A big word of thanks is due to the teachers who have given tremendous effort in preparing online lessons. Their contribution is prodigious and worthy of praise. Thanks are also due to the students who have readily adjusted to the new educational lifestyle. It is also worth mentioning that gratitude is also due to the parents who are following their children at home and assisting the younger students with computer skills.

April is the month of Easter, Spring and rebirth. May this season be one of regeneration for our beloved country. May it bring health, safety and peace of mind.

Deo soli gratia


The principal






Have a nice summer vacation!